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                                                                                                                 Shipping Policy

Yes, Minimum of Rs.40 is charged as shipping cost on all orders below Rs.499. Orders above Rs.499 are delivered free. The shipping cost may vary according to the weight and size of the parcel.

2. Will I get a call from you before delivery?

As of now only SMS notification will be sent to your Registered Phone. In case your address cannot be located, a phone call will be made to you to inform of the difficulty in delivery.

3. How long will it take for receiving my delivery?

On placing your confirmed order at Oyeshop an email will be sent instantly to you, informing the probable date of delivery along with the details of the order. Oyeshop makes it a policy to deliver the package within 2 -8 business days. You are advised to keep a watch of your incoming mails and SMS messages.

4. Can I expect your delivery on all days of the week?

Deliveries are made only on business days that is Monday to Saturday, excluding state and national holidays in India.

5. Is it possible for you to deliver two items in different addresses although ordered in single order?

No. For a single order we entertain only single delivery address. You can very well place separate order, for each item with separate delivery addresses – that is the easiest solution.

6. How can I check if my PIN code is within your delivery area?

Easy. Go to the desired product page; the delivery details are clearly published under the heading “Check Delivery Details”. Enter your PIN code at the appropriate place there. You will get full details about availability of delivery services at this location, including COD. If your PIN code is not there currently, chances are bright that it will be included later since we are trying to include new places frequently. So, please check often.

7. The delivery time mentioned in my order is over now – What to do?

Our Customer Service personnel are here to help in respect of these issues. Don’t hesitate to contact them immediately by email or phone. Your problem will be solved quickly to your entire satisfaction.

8. Will the ordered items be delivered in a single package?

It depends upon the size, volume and quantity of the items to be packed. However there is no harm if you receive the items packed separately, for convenience of packing and safety of products also.

9. Why did I receive a partial order?

If you had ordered different items with different delivery dates, it is possible that those items will be shipped separately. Whatever is the case, you need not worry at all since all the ordered items will be delivered to you promptly as committed.

10. Can I expedite my delivery date?

Sorry – with the prevailing conditions of Courier Service in India, it is not possible to advance the delivery dates. However we are trying our best to accomplish this aspect also.

11. When the courier came, I was not at home. What to do?

No worries. The courier service makes 2 attempts to deliver the package when sent. They will get in touch with you and you can fix with them the convenient delivery time or date. Your problem will be solved this way.

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