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This Privacy Policy is part and parcel of Oyeshop Terms of Use published separately. Oyeshop wants to assure 100% safety and security for those personal details shared; and in this context prescribes the following Privacy Policy, which will be binding both Oyeshop as the website and you, as Customer.

1.1 When you visit this website, you may opt for browsing, without providing your personal details and we will not be able to identify you. You will remain anonymous during your entire stay at the website. Only if you register as a member of the website, you need to open a Personal Account with us; and in that case there is necessity for you to provide a user name and password for logging into the website. 

1.2 At the time of Registration, you will be required to provide your name; age; gender; email address; postal address; delivery address (if it is different); land line telephone number; mobile phone number; fax number and such other specified information about you, to reveal your true identity to the website. 

1.3 In case you register through a Social Network Account, your Internet Protocol (IP) address; personal information including profile picture; email address; or friends list and such other information already available at that Social Network Site may be perceived by this website, automatically.

1.4 At the time of ordering and buying the Products from this website, you will be required to provide shipping address; online payment options like debit card/credit card/wallet etc. and at the time of making online payment, you will be required to provide password or identification code for the banks and financial institutions, to authorize payment etc.

1.5 Oyeshop hereby undertakes that all the above personal information collected from you are mandatory and required by the law, and will be used only with regard to the exact purpose for which they are collected. These informations and details will be kept by this website, only as long as they are required for the purpose and as prescribed by the relevant laws, whatsoever.

1.6 When you as a Customer, download or make use of Oyeshop mobile apps, it becomes enabled automatically for the website, to receive information in respect of your location; your mobile device type; together with the unique identifier code/number for your devise etc. Oyeshop may use these informations automatically collected for the purpose of advertising, search results notifications and similar other personalized content of this website. You are at full liberty to deny or turn off these location-information services, by suitably adjusting your mobile devise settings.

1.7 Oyeshop assures that all the personal information provided, collected automatically and become known to this website will be safe-guarded, with strict security by properly adhering to the Privacy techniques like encryption etc., so that no other person excepting this website will come in the knowledge of this information and data pertaining to you, as our valued Customer.

1.8 Your personal information as provided by you can be seen by you only, by logging into your Personal Account. This is to enable you view the details of your orders, their status, delivery details, wish-list, orders pending delivery etc. You undertake to keep the personal access to this website by logging in, as highly confidential matter and will not reveal to or allow any unauthorized third party to access this website in your name, knowingly or unknowingly. In case of such breach of trust, Oyeshop will not assume any responsibility or liability, in respect of such misuse of passwords and log in facilities. 

1.9 It is specifically understood that the personal information collected by you as mentioned may be stored by this website in electronic/digital form. However, in case of need and if so required, this website is authorized by you as our Customer, to collect and/or store such information in physical form as well.

1.10 Oyeshop reserves the right to share, reveal or keep known the personal information of you, collected, stored and used with their employees, affiliates, agents, sellers, service providers, suppliers, banks, payment gateway operators, and such other institutions and individuals such as Courts, judicial, quasi-judicial law enforcement agents, to the extent they are required, by their services purposes and lawful purposes.

1.11 By virtue of abiding by this Privacy Policy, you hereby warrant and undertake that the information provided by you as personal information are legitimate, true, correct, current and latest; they do not belong to any third party; you are using the information of a third party with or without their consent. In case it is detected that the information provided by you are fraudulent in nature whatsoever, you are liable to strict legal action, as permitted by the law.

1.12 Oyeshop undertakes and assures that we shall not share, rent, trade or sell your personal information to any third parties for their marketing purposes, without your explicit consent. We regard your personal information as valuable assets of Oyeshop and therefore we take utmost care in preserving, recording and storing your personal information with the highest physical as well as technological security measures. If you have any objection to the use of your personal information for the legitimate purposes of this website, you are at liberty to refrain from using this website.

1.13 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this website shall not be held liable, responsible or legally bound for any claims of loss, damage, misuse or lapse of the information provided by you under any circumstances, whatsoever.

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