Payment Options

1.What payment options do you accept?

Oyeshop considers customer happy experience on top of everything. So there are different convenient payment options for you, to pay happily and confidently such as -
✔Credit Card.
✔Debit Card.
✔Net- Banking
✔Cash On Delivery.
*Please note that for COD, the limit of purchase is only ₹ 10, 000. A convenience charge of ₹ 60 (non-refundable) will be levied.. For buying certain valuable items from Oyeshop, only Credit Card/Debit Card/Net-Banking Payment is acceptable for safety reasons.

2.Is there a Purchase Limit for Cash on Delivery Orders?

Yes,For reasons of safety, the limit of purchase from us on COD basis is Rs.10000/-.

3.Is it safe to shop online using my debit card/credit card?

As a policy, Oyeshop adapts highest security precautions and safety measures while making payments online, with a view to uphold our customer’s interest above everything. You can trust our 3D secure password encryption for completing an online payment for the items purchased. Oyeshop wishes to reassure that consumer interest is considered paramount. So you need not have any apprehension over using your Bank Credit/Debit Card on our website.

4. Are there any hidden charges in the pricing?

Absolutely not – we have stated very clearly that Oyeshop is a consumer platform, where we connect the buyers with the sellers from around the globe. So the prices as published under the item are full and final, which includes all Taxes. Not more – not less. Regarding Delivery charges, you will agree that these depend upon many factors like type of the item purchased; distance to your delivery location, the policy of the seller as published. You are advised to please check the seller policies of individual sellers and get satisfied

5. What should I do in case my online payment fails?

Please consider that online payment has several security measures, at every stage of the transaction. The chances of failing will be slim. But when your payment is declined, it may be due to your incorrectly furnishing the needed information like name, account details, password and billing address etc. There is also a remote possibility of your Internet connection getting disrupted, at the time of making payment – you can check and make sure. However, in the unlikely event of you’re receiving a payment failure and your bank account has been debited, Oyeshop has made available relevant facilities to credit back the amount to your account within 7 business days. In this regard, you are advised to contact our Customer Care, either by a e-mail ( or over phone (Helpline:- 09811228262) and get the matter resolved, by providing your order number and other relevant details.

6. Why COD facility is not available to me?

Cash on Delivery payment option is based on the policies and functionalities of our Courier Partners. In some areas there are difficulties for them to effect delivery on COD Basis. You can get all the details for sure whether COD is available or not for a particular item by browsing over our site. Rest assured that Oyeshop always tries very hard to satisfy the customers in every way possible.

7.How can I pay if COD option is not available in my location?

As a valuable customer, you can always trust Oyeshop to make prompt deliveries to your doorsteps, including Cash on Delivery. Due to circumstances beyond their control, in some locations and areas, they have to regret their inability. But no worries – you have other online payment options open for you; and you can choose one of them from the payment modes explained above. Wish you Happy Buying! .