Oyeshop is an initiative to bring conscious fashion to your doorstep. It provides a global platform to all the craftsmen working effortlessly in the villages and suburbs of India.


Through this initiative, our sole motive is to put forward fashion that empowers people to represent their true selves. We have a wide range of collections that helps each individual to customize each look they curate every day.


We have a sustainable range of Collections that is 100% recyclable and reusable. Our vision is to aware each and every fashion enthusiast about Skin-friendly and sustainable Fashion choices.

Our Story

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Our Story

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Women engaged with us are our Proud Brand Ambassadors

Oyeshop’s team is diverse in every aspect which brings a wider variety of voices and opinions to the table empowering the team to make wiser decisions. Most of our workforce and craftsmen are women who have sincerely been with us even through the Covid 19 pandemic. Oyeshop wants all the women engaged with us to be our Proud Brand Ambassadors.


Started in 2015, Oyeshop has successfully catered to many happy customers, events, and exhibitions. It is a startup India registered company and within a year, Oyeshop was awarded as the Top 3000 Companies running in India in 2017.

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