Shiva Dumroo Shaped Silver Plated Dangler Charms Anklet For Girls
Talk about a magnificently unique design, and you have our trendy ‘shiva damroo’ shaped dangler charm anklets. The anklets have a flashy silver-plated surface finish and a small tinkling bell right at the edge of the thread that holds the...
₹ 349.00 ₹ 249.00
Trendy Designer White Beads Stones on Black Thread Anklet For Girls
Anklets have evolved from being just a piece of jewelry for the customs to become the modern-day styling accessory for women. We also innovated the design for our very unique and trendy anklets with black beads along the thread and...
₹ 249.00 ₹ 152.00
Trendy Designer Silver Plated Anklet with Black Beads For Women
Black is a color of royalty and a bold style statement. We have captured its true essence in our designer square-shaped anklets graced with pearly black beads. Black suits every attire and gives you the freedom to wear the accessory...
₹ 299.00 ₹ 199.00
Trendy Designer White Pearl with Crystal Beads Anklet For Women
Lock your feet with our designer pearl anklets to unlock a world of attention and awe-struck onlookers. With white pearls nestled between crystal beads on a black string, this pair of anklets is truly a work of art. These are...
₹ 259.00 ₹ 159.00
Trendy Designer Blue and White Pearl with Blue Beads Anklet For Women
Want to be an idol of grace from head to toe; then why choose anything ordinary for your feet? Choose our trendy and highly in-demand designer white and blue pearl anklets. The pearls are intermingled in a unique pattern over...
₹ 219.00 ₹ 159.00
Trendy Purple and White Pearl Anklet with Brown Beads For Women
Anklets were traditionally worn to catch attention; times have changed, but the kind of attention you can grab with a good pair of anklets remains the same, and with our purple and white pearl anklets, we promise you the same....
₹ 249.00 ₹ 159.00
Trendy Designer Black and White Pearl Anklet For Women
Grace your feet with our designer Black and White pearl anklets exclusively made to look simple yet pretty trendy. The silver surface finish perfectly complements the monochrome design, and the tinkling bell attached to the string makes your presence felt...
₹ 219.00 ₹ 159.00
Designer Gold Plated Dangler Charms with Ghungroos Anklet For Girls
Make a style statement with these designer anklets crafted in a trendy way. The anklet is gold-plated and comprises ghungroos that add the touch of rhythmic sounds to the minimalistic beauty. Let your ankles and feet dance with joy every...
₹ 259.00 ₹ 152.00
Beautiful CZ Stone Studded Golden Plated Anklet For Girls
An exquisite and enchanting work that has been crafted for you to shine with your sense of beauty authenticity. A stunning pair of anklets studded with jewellery stones and having a smooth polished finishing. Made especially for the special occasions...
₹ 299.00 ₹ 196.00
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