Black Polish Silver Oxidised Bali with Jhumki Earrings For Women
If you want to be the centre of attraction in your group then these silver Oxidised Bali from Abhinn from their Handcrafted Classic Collection is a must-have in your jewellery collection. These Balis come with jhumki shapes which are so...
₹ 599.00 ₹ 399.00
Silver Oxidised Triple Layered Jhumka With Ghungroo Earrings For Girls
Welcome this statement piece of jewelry to your collection. The circle right on the top, along with the two ghumbads below, is the peppy jewelry one must-have. The ghungroos add a traditional touch to it. Simple yet intricate. Easy to...
₹ 509.00 ₹ 259.00
Stylish Silver Oxidised Sun Shaped Jhumka Earrings For Women - Pink
₹ 449.00 ₹ 264.80
Stylish Silver Oxidised Sun Shaped Jhumka Earrings For Women - Pink
Look like a diva in these Silver oxidized earrings from Abhinn and be the trendsetter on any occasion. The intricate detailing carved on the earrings is eye-catching it add an alluring charm to the pair. The earrings go well with...
₹ 449.00 ₹ 264.80
Black Polished Floral Design With Hanging Beads Jhumka Earrings For Women
Black jhumkas are a definite pick for the day! why? Well, who wouldn't want these? Tribal art-inspired jewelry is always worth the try when planning out your ethnic OOTD. The diamond-shaped centrepiece is a masterpiece. The dangling chain and beads...
₹ 999.00 ₹ 349.00
Black Polished Floral Design Jhumka Earrings For Women
Everyone loves a lovely pair of Jhumkas. But when you need a different look altogether, then what? No need to worry! To emphasize your look we have the floral-inspired, black polished beautiful jhumkas. The intricate details of the design make...
₹ 899.00 ₹ 329.00
Afghani Silver Oxidised Floral Design MIrror Stud Big Jhumka Earrings For Women
These trendy handmade silver oxidized Jhumki earrings from Abhinn should be a must-have in your jewelry box. These earrings come with a mirror work stud design which makes them even more appealing to the eyes. You can pair these earrings with...
₹ 599.00 ₹ 339.00
Unique Silver Oxidised Temple Design Jhumki Earrings For Women
Silver oxidised jewellery is an all-time favorite for every single woman. And to compliment that here is the beautiful silver oxidised jhumki for your right here. The intricacy of the design is just an all-rounder. The jhumki is surrounded by...
₹ 499.00 ₹ 199.00
Silver Oxidised Temple Design Long Jhumka Earrings For Women
Make a style statement with these dramatic pairs of oversized Jhumka. Their lightweight combined with impactful aesthetics is what makes them so lust-worthy. Delicate tribal design is the highlight of the piece with star charms. A polish of silver oxidization...
₹ 899.00 ₹ 329.00
Oxidised Silver Triagle Shape Bali With Big Jhumka Earrings for Women
Be a charmer in these beautiful handmade designer earrings from Abhinn. The earrings have silver plating and oxidised finish. The earrings are designed in inverted triangle shape Bali dangling with small bells. The bali is attached to a jhumka also...
₹ 449.00 ₹ 269.00
Silver Oxidised Temple Design With Mirror Stud Jhumka Earrings For Women
Embellished with a mirror in the center, these earrings have been crafted with superior quality silver quoting. They are oxidized for an additional touch of luxury. The sun-inspired design on the top presents a bold persona. Jhumkas show off expert...
₹ 549.00 ₹ 329.00
Silver Oxidised Doli Design Multi Colour Dangler Earrings For Women
Create a buzz with these voluminous statement danglers. The depiction of the bride's farewell carriage is evident in the pattern of the earrings. In addition to the floral composition on the top, colorful stones add a vibrant tone to the...
₹ 439.00 ₹ 279.00
Afghani German Silver Mirror Stud Jhumka Earrings for Women
Bring out the beauty of your overall appearance by wearing these Afghani handmade studs with jhumka Earrings from Abhinn. These earrings are made from German silver. These have a black oxidized finish to them. The round stud is embedded with...
₹ 449.00 ₹ 255.00
Silver Replica Floral Design Stones Studded Studs with Jhumka Earrings For Women - Green
₹ 739.00 ₹ 499.00
Silver Replica Floral Design Stones Studded Studs with Jhumka Earrings For Women - Green
Pair your outfits with our floral design jhumki earrings to make the most of your special occasions. These earrings are studded with precious green stones right at the top and a suspended bell-shaped jhumki with white beads at the bottom....
₹ 739.00 ₹ 499.00
Oxidised Trendy Design Dangler With Jhumki Earrings For Women - Golden
₹ 529.00 ₹ 279.00
Oxidised Trendy Design Dangler With Jhumki Earrings For Women - Golden
Wear the warmth and fire with these oxidized earrings. The underlying jhumka adds an exotic touch to the danglers. To enhance its wild side, ghungroos have a quirkiness. The detailed carvings and intricacy show fine craftsmanship. You can't miss these...
₹ 529.00 ₹ 279.00
Designer 8 Layered German Silver Studs With Jhumki Earrings for Women
Look impeccably beautiful in these designer studs with jhumki earrings from Abhinn. The earrings are made of German silver. A pan-shaped stud with intricate detailing is attached to eight layered small jhumkis. White pearl drop beads are dangling with each...
₹ 499.00 ₹ 299.00
Silver Oxidised Shiva Trishul Studs With Multi Colour Jhumka Earrings For Women
Look like a million bucks in these traditional studs with jhumka earrings from Abhinn. The earrings have silver plating with oxidised finish. The earrings are studded with multi-color Kundan stones. The earrings are designed in an inverted triangle stud with...
₹ 329.00 ₹ 199.00
Handmade Black Polished Peacock Studs with Dangler Jhumka Earrings For Women
Accentuate your overall look by wearing these beautiful earrings from Abhinn. These earrings have silver plating with oxidised finish. The earrings are designed in peacock stud shape with dangler jhumka attached. The earrings have intricate detailing all over the stud...
₹ 649.00 ₹ 399.00
Silver Oxidised Multi Coloured Meenakari Dangler With Jhumki Earrings For Girls
A classic piece of earring to synchronize with any outfit. The amalgamation of all the colors together brings out the chic look. It is paired with a cheeky jhumka on the bottom, adding a quirky touch to the earring. The...
₹ 489.00 ₹ 249.00
Handmade Silver Oxidised Mirror Stud Jhumki Earrings For Women
Welcome this hot selling piece of jewellery to your collection. The circular mirror with a sun design makes it a must-have earring. The umbrella beneath is the cherry on the cake, thus creating a mesmerizing effect on the people around...
₹ 449.00 ₹ 229.00
Handmade Silver Oxidised Mirror Stud Jhumka Earrings For Women
Pamper yourself with this latest trend of earrings. The black polished jhumkas will give you undivided attention. The design itself speaks of its volumes. The Sun pattern along with the mirror work makes this piece exclusive. Along with that, the...
₹ 429.00 ₹ 219.00
Silver Oxidised Floral Design Jhumka With Studded Mirror Earrings For Girls
Look at the way these beauties come together - the peacock & with the most delicate ghungroo rising. The jhumkas on this page come straight from Jaipur, the place where we find the most exquisite and detailed jhumkas in India....
₹ 479.00 ₹ 299.00
Silver Oxidised Jhumka With Studded Silver Beads Earring For Women
Feel like a superstar in this refreshing piece of earrings. The black oxidised polish is a pleasant sight for the eyes. The top-notch quality will make you fall in love with the Jhumka. The ghungroos add an ethnic touch to...
₹ 499.00 ₹ 249.00
Silver Oxidised Studded White Kundan Stones Jhumka Earrings For Women
"As the name suggests, create an appealing effect with these Kundan earrings. The oxidized finish is like a piece of cake. The detailing of the design is done to create an enthralling look. The charms attached at the bottom create...
₹ 459.00 ₹ 259.00
Silver Replica Floral Design Jhumka With CZ Stone Earrings For Girls - Green
₹ 769.00 ₹ 449.00
Silver Replica Floral Design Jhumka With CZ Stone Earrings For Girls - Green
A flawless beauty at its best. The lotus carving on the top is a typical design of the Rajwada collection. The presence of an emerald stone is icing on the cake. The umbrella beneath it creates an enthralling sight with...
₹ 769.00 ₹ 449.00

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