Silver Oxidised Trendy Floral Design Necklace Set For Women
Show your signature style with this fantastic silver oxidized choker set. This set features a beautiful necklace and danglers. The design draws inspiration from the cultural traditions of Gujarat. The floral accent with beaded details graces the elegance of the...
₹ 1,799.00 ₹ 629.00
Silver Oxidised Swan Floral Design Multi-Layer Necklace Set For Women
Oxidised silver choker and stud style should be your pick for the times when you need to speak loud in style. Here is a style statement that you wanna pick for this festive season. Oxidised silver jewelry with a unique...
₹ 1,299.00 ₹ 429.00
Silver Oxidised Temple Design with Ghungroo Choker For Women
Adorn yourself with a beautiful and classy silver oxidized choker necklace. It is made in classic traditional design where the main feature of the choker is oxidized temple design along with small ghungroos. The temple design is done on a...
₹ 799.00 ₹ 379.00
Western Geometrical Design Dangler Earrings For Women - Golden
₹ 849.00 ₹ 289.00
Western Geometrical Design Dangler Earrings For Women - Golden
Everyone needs a geometric-inspired earring in their style wardrobe. It not only brings out the best in you but, also completes a contemporary look. The earring includes a circle, a rectangle, and a dangling piece. That will cover your style...
₹ 849.00 ₹ 289.00
Silver Oxidised Tribal Design Multi Colour Necklace Set For Women
A tribal-inspired series is always a great pick for your wardrobe. here we have a necklace inspired by tribal jewelry, which is a perfect spokes piece for your style. it consists of a multi-coloured strip at the neck like a...
₹ 1,299.00 ₹ 599.00
Silver Oxidised Temple-Floral Design Mirror Necklace Set For Women
When discussing oxidized silver jewelry, temple design is in trend, having a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. One such statement piece with all these qualities is this one. An embossed floral pattern sits at the centre of the choker...
₹ 1,199.00 ₹ 459.00
Oxidised Silver Kashmiri Jhumka Mirror Studs Earrings For Women
Create a captivating look with this antique set of earrings. The mirror work and the dangling chains bring quirkiness to the look. The charms at the end are unique in themselves. The intricate pattern defines top-grade craftsmanship. Carry these super...
₹ 899.00 ₹ 299.00
Silver Replica Antique Sea Shell Design Earrings For Women
On certain days you just need something out-of-the-box concept even for your jewelry. So look no more! Pick out these unique designs for your earring collection. The ear tops are inspired, by the seashells and underwater creatures. They depict quite...
₹ 799.00 ₹ 299.00
Silver Replica Floral Design Jhumka CZ Stone Earrings For Girls - Green
₹ 1,199.00 ₹ 449.00
Silver Replica Floral Design Jhumka CZ Stone Earrings For Girls - Green
A flawless beauty at its best. The lotus carving on the top is a typical design of the Rajwada collection. The presence of an emerald stone is icing on the cake. The umbrella beneath it creates an enthralling sight with...
₹ 1,199.00 ₹ 449.00
Golden Oxidised Red Floral Design Meenakari Necklace Set For Women
Get this simple piece of Red Meenakari golden oxidized necklace made to adorn your neckline beautifully. Entice your collection with this Square Shape choker with Earrings. The choker set come in a Detailed floral design decorating each piece of the...
₹ 999.00 ₹ 379.00
Silver Oxidised Traditional Elephant And Peacock Design Necklace Set For Women
Bringing to you an alluring necklace set comprising of a necklace piece and a pair of earrings. It is a beautiful silver oxidized necklace piece where it has been designed with a lot of elements. The main features of the...
₹ 1,099.00 ₹ 429.00
Silver Oxidised Floral Design Dangler Fish Hook Earrings For Women
Magnify your festive ensembles with these exclusive silver oxidized danglers. The pattern has beautifully embossed mirrors placed on the earlobe. The tiny beads around the mirrors show the fine work of artisans. The cylindrical shape in the hangings has a...
₹ 429.00 ₹ 149.00
Silver Oxidised Ethnic Design Multi Colour Necklace Set For Women
The oxidized silver multi coloured choker set is a break from your traditional gold jewellery. The modern party wear necklace is a geometric pattern for a stunning appearance. For a wholesome look, this bohemian set is a perfect choice. The...
₹ 1,199.00 ₹ 449.00
Afghani Silver Oxidised Sun Shaped Multi Colour Dangler Earrings For Women
Dangling signature earrings is a top-shelf need for any woman who wants to make a stand-out statement. Why look anywhere else? it is right here, just a click away. Long neck-length multi-colored earrings dangling from your ears are the pick...
₹ 1,029.00 ₹ 379.00
Afghani Silver Oxidised Geometrical Multi Color Pendant Set For Women
Another wonderful gem in the tribal-inspired jewelry is on the rack. This design is a complete set of neckpieces with earrings, which is the right pick for contemporary style lovers. Geometrically shaped jewelry set is a go-to for every woman...
₹ 1,199.00 ₹ 549.00
Silver Oxidised Blue Temple Design Meenakari Necklace Set For Women
Get this simple piece of Meenakari Blue-silver oxidized Necklace made to adorn your neckline beautifully. Entice your collection with this Square Shape choker with Earrings. The Choker comes in a Detailed floral design decorating each Piece of the Necklace. A...
₹ 999.00 ₹ 369.00
Silver Oxidised Ethnic Floral Design Pendant Set For Women
A charming silver oxidized Pendant set along with earrings that have been crafted with care only for you. The pendant has floral designs in various forms. The bottom-most elements have a Floral shape design studded with white CZ stones and...
₹ 1,199.00 ₹ 499.00
Stylish Silver Oxidised Sun Shaped Jhumka Earrings For Women - Pink
₹ 699.00 ₹ 249.00
Stylish Silver Oxidised Sun Shaped Jhumka Earrings For Women - Pink
Look like a diva in these Silver oxidized earrings from Abhinn and be the trendsetter on any occasion. The intricate detailing carved on the earrings is eye-catching it add an alluring charm to the pair. The earrings go well with...
₹ 699.00 ₹ 249.00
Stylish Silver Oxidised Tribal Mirror Chandbali Earrings for Women
Be trendy by wearing these lovely Afghani tribal chandbali earrings from Abhinn. The earrings have silver plating and oxidised finish. The earrings are designed in chandbali shape. A smaller chandbali is attached to a larger chandbali with a small mirror...
₹ 729.00 ₹ 269.00
Afghani Silver Oxidised Temple Design Multi Color Dangler Earrings For Women
Here is a perfect choice of earrings, if you are looking for a complete intricate design and style dimension; the Silver Oxidised Temple Design Multi-Color Dangler Earrings For Women. These are the perfect example of traditional chandbalis, well they are...
₹ 729.00 ₹ 279.00
Afghani Silver Oxidised Tribal Multi Color Choker Set For Women
An eye-pleasing geometrical shaped Multi-color Mirrors Choker with earrings. This is beautifully made with silver oxidized in Afghani design. The hanging ghungroos and Multi-color CZ stones add enough style to the piece. One can wear this Choker on any kind...
₹ 999.00 ₹ 399.00
Silver Oxidised Ethnic Scripted Gayatri Mantra Necklace Set With Ring For Women
Style with divinity is a great and classic combination. Here is a beautiful Gayatri mantra necklace set with a ring which depicts both. It is a Silver oxidized necklace made to adorn your neckline beautifully. It would be a plus...
₹ 1,299.00 ₹ 499.00
Silver Oxidised Tribal Design Mirror Work Necklace Set For Women
Looking for a mirror design for your jewelry? then look no further, here is a beautiful piece just for your liking. A mirror inclusive neckpiece on an oxidized silver is just an awestruck piece. The neckpiece is a choker-style piece...
₹ 1,499.00 ₹ 729.00
Silver Oxidised Tribal Design Multi Colour Pendant Set For Women
A timeless fusion of culture and beauty can be seen in our oxidised silver pendant. With a modern design inspired by our rich tribal culture, experience beauty specially made for you. The pendant set comes with an antique allure. The...
₹ 999.00 ₹ 399.00

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