Tips To Take Care Of Artificial Jewellery

There are always some sentiments and emotions behind every piece of jewelry you buy therefore all this jewelry needs a special cure. Here are some tips to take care of your jewelry-

1. Keep all different kinds of jewelry separately.


2. Keep your jewelry in zip lock Or Airtight bags to protect them to tarnish.

bags to keep jewellery care guide airtight oxidised replica silver fashion imitation

3. Keep your jewelry away from sunlight because it dulls the gemstone colors.

4. Keep your gold jewelry on a softer surface or in its original boxes to avoid scratcheson them because gold jewelry scratches easily.

5. Wipe your jewelry everything after wearing it to avoid dust or dirt.

6. Don't use toothpaste to clean your jewelry because it's caused damage in long run.

7. To maintain the original shine of jewelry avoid harsh cleaning through which jewelry may lose its original shine.

8. Never wear jewelry while swimming or bathing. This damages the originality of beads or stones and also increases the risk of jewelry loss.

9. Always apply lotion, perfumes, and other cosmetics products before jewelry so that they don't damage the shine of beads or stones.

10. Don't wear handmade jewelry while cleaning with harsh chemicals.

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